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What is  Labanema Laptop Case ?

Labanema Laptop case is a latest designed laptop protective set , which is a 2 in 1 design integrated the function of protection case and carrying bag. the best feature of labanema is able to protect your laptop from scratch during the full working time and convenient to take the computer for activity easily as a carry bag. off course, beside in office , it’s also the good partner together with you in home and trip.

Furthermore, the most important point need to care is that labanema is not a kind of universal case fit for all brands of laptops, on the contrary ,it’s accordingly designed for specific model under different laptop brands, and most of returns during on line sales is due to purchasing wrong models.

What’s The Main Features Of This Laptop Case ?

NO.1 :  Being with  the special screen PU leather and touch pad PU leather plate,which can protect the laptop from scratch and dust;


NO.2 : Being with excellent portable performance with special small bag for power  adapter , cord , mouse or some other accessories.

Dell XPS9560 9550-05

NO.3 : Would be a portable bag once closing the laptop.It has portable and shoulder styles, convenient for working or playing anywhere.

Picture 6 brown

NO.4 :This protective cover has two rubber strings on the left and right sides below the screen PU leather frame.The two rubber strings in the gaps below the laptop screen can effectively solve the loosening of protective leather cover in the course of use;it is also easy to be installed and disassembled during daily using.


NO.5 : This protective cover has accurate opening holes according to the laptop’s cooling jack,volume jack,USB interface and other interfaces,which can protect the laptop without affecting the use.At the bottom of cover has two foot nails with cooling jack,so it will not affect the heat dissipation of laptop.

Dell XPS9560 9550-DSC_6445

NO.6 : This protective cover is made of the high-quality PU leather,characterized by the beautiful appearance and fine hand feeling;the inner-layer soft cashmere can better protect the laptop. All procedures are finished by hand-sewing , which can make sure for durable using in future.

Picture 5 brown

What’s The Main Difference Between Labanema And other laptop  Protective Accessories?

In order to let consumers have clear impression about labenema laptop case, we’d like to  make several comparing among labanema ,  laptop sleeve and hard shell as below :

difference s1

How many Laptop Brands and Models does Labanema Design to be compatible for ?

Until now ,we have designed hundreds of models of laptop case mainly for 10 brands , which are ASUS , ACER, DELL , LENOVO, HP, HUAWEI , SAMSUNG, SURFACE, LG and RAZER , and there are 6 size serials ( 11.6”, 12.5”, 13.3”, 14”, 15.6” , 17.3 ” ) for each brand and 5 Colors (Black , brown, red, purple and blue )for each model. thus you can freely choose the item you like according to your laptop model.

10 laptop brands Labanema designed for


5 Colors Labanema designed for

colors s

6 laptop size Labanema designed for

size s

Warning : most of returns are due to wrong models

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How To Buy Labanema Laptop case ?

In order to let consumers can buy labanema laptop case conveniently , we have uploaded our products information on AMAZON and Ebay , you can freely choose the platform you like to buy as instructed below:

Step 1:  Browse the Menu or search directly to choose the case according to your laptop model.

search 3
search 2

Step 2:  Open the description page of specific model you need , then click the button ” BUY AT AMAZON ” or ” BUY AT EBAY ” to finish the purchasing.

buy at amazon ebay 1
buy at amazon ebay

Choose the right case for your laptop models

In order to let you can quickly find the right items you need, we’d like to list the laptop brands and specific models we have designed for as below :